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Man Writing by Ruth Addinall

Use of Images

All images on this site are © Ruth Addinall and may not be reproduced except under the terms outlined below.

Commercial/corporate Use:

If you would like to obtain high-resolution images and permission to use Ruth Addinall's work in any publication (conventional or online) which is not covered by the personal use section of the Copyright page, please send email to

For all use in publications and websites that are either commercial or operated by an organisation or company (including voluntary, academic, Charity or NGO), please send an email to

  • stating which image(s) you wish to use
  • outlining the nature of your organisation or business
  • detailing how you would like to use the image(s)

Personal, Non-commercial use:

Any website, even a personal homepage, is a form of publication and using an image without the copyright owner's permission is an infringement of copyright.

However, if you are an individual who has a personal, non-commercial website, you may use may use images from this site as follows, providing that you do the following:

  • LINK to the image, not download it. See WHY and HOW below.
  • Do not alter or obscure images in any way (e.g. by using as a background)
  • Explicitly credit the image to Ruth Addinall

Ruth will also be delighted if you include a link to the top level address of her site,, saying where to find more of her pictures.

Why link to

Put simply, linking to Ruth's site will help her, and she will be very grateful for that help.

  • Ruth's paintings are her livelihood. She is happy for people to use her pictures free on personal pages, but wants to make sure that any commercial or corporate use is properly negotiated and paid for. Linking to makes sure that the image is unadulterated and properly credited, so that if a potential customer sees it, they can contact Ruth to negotiate a licencing agreement.
  • It helps advertise Ruth's web site: people can see the image and where it came from, and it provides a quick way to click through to her site.
  • Every additional link will help Ruth appear in Google searches.
  • It will save space on your web site: the image is stored at and you only need to include some HTML. It might even make the page load a fraction faster!
  • It is very, very, easy!

How to link

  1. Click on any image to take you to the full size image and information.
  2. Click on the full size image.
  3. Copy and paste the short piece of HTML this displays into your web page.

Thank you for your support